Australian Made Perfumes

While most people buy European made perfumes, supporting local businesses and Australian Made products helps keep businesses going, staff employed and families supported. Australia has highly regarded Australian Made Perfumes and brands that need to be considered when you are looking to buy a new perfume.

Purchasing perfumes in Australia not only helps keep Australian businesses going, it also generally means you are making a more ethical purchase on both a social and environmental scale.

Buying Australian Made Perfumes means a reduction in international travel for ingredients and postage; which is better for the environment as locally sourced ingredients and locally posted products require less travel time. Australian Made Perfumes are also crafted under employment laws imposed by the Australian Government which means employers need to adhere to certain employee rights laws, and a minimum wage.

Also, when purchasing Australian Made Perfumes you can be assured that they are crafted under the highest Australian standards. Consumers are likely to experience that Australian Made Perfumes are produced in higher quality in comparison to their overseas counterparts, particularly those that are mass produced in China. Australian Made Perfumes are also crafted using approved ingredients.

One of our favourite Australian Made Perfumes is made by Glasshouse Australian Made Perfumes is a leading Australian Made brand of scented candles and Australian Made Body Care products. The luxurious Australian Made Perfumes are carefully crafted in the heart of Sydney Australia.

Glasshouse Australian Made Perfumes are available in personal travel size bottles that are perfect for handbags as well as hand cream and shower gels.

If you’re after quality Australian Made Perfumes visit us in-store, or shop online.