Australian Made Homewares

Australian Made Homewares

If you’re like me, and millions of other Australian consumers, you love home decor. There is just something special about creating a space and changing it up with the seasons. However, have you ever stopped to wonder where your home decor comes from, or the effect your purchases may be having on the environment?

Majority of home decor pieces sold within Australia are in fact imported from overseas, and most are mass produced in Chinese and Indian factories. Although this helps keep the prices down, it has negative effects on our local manufacturers, and the environment; the cheaper products are, the less value and lifespan they have, meaning they are more likely to end up in landfill quicker.

Australian Made Homewares have many benefits that their imported counterparts lack. For example, when you purchase Australian Made Homewares you are supporting local business, local employees and local manufacturers. And, from an environmental standpoint you are helping to keep more products from landfill whilst also avoiding international postage which helps to reduce carbon emissions.

However, Australian Made Homewares generally come at a higher price point, after all they are made within our minimum wage laws, and are made with higher quality components and ingredients. There are many benefits to paying the premium for Australian Made Homewares, they last longer, you are supporting local business and Australian Made products also have a higher perceived value, making them more desirable as a gift.

At Zen Home, we are passionate about helping to support local manufacturers and brands which is why we stock a range of premium Australian Made Homewares. Our range of Australian Made Homewares are available for purchase in-store and online.