Australian Made Candles

Every house and every space has a particular scent. You walk through any door and are immediately greeted by a smell that will set the tone for the rest of your experience and opinion on a place or person. A scent is powerful – it can invoke a range of emotions, inspire memories of the past, and provide context to an experience. Fill your home with beautifully scented Australian made candles from Zen Home and create the space you always dreamed of.


Choose Your Scent

When someone walks into your home, what scent do you think captures them? If you just had a moment of panic or uncertainty from that question, then you may want to consider adding candles into your home. 

Consider which scents speak to you and which scents you would like people to relate to you and your home. When it comes to candles, there are seemingly endless options, especially when it comes to the scent profiles.

 Are you an ocean lover? Look for fresh, bright, and clean scents that will take you right back to days by the sea. 

Does nothing sound cozier to you than a night by the fireplace? Try candles with notes of spicy cinnamon, earthy cedar, and sweet vanilla. 

Are you playful and bubbly? Shop for fruity scented Australian made candles like vibrant berry or tropical mango.

Is your happy place a field of endless flowers? Browse candles that have a strong floral profile. Perfect for any romantic, we love scents of jasmine, lilac, and lavender. 

Need an energizing boost for the home? Citrus scented candles are for you! Fill your space with notes of lemon, orange, and grapefruit for a vibrant boost to your day!

Take the time to consider the impact a scent can have on your mood and then choose an Australian made candle to match your desires! Stop by any Zen Home shop today to give a sniff to the many options we have on offer. Trust us, you will want to smell these carefully curated scents. 


Australian Made Candles

I bet you have considered buying locally when it comes to fruit and veg, but have you considered where your candles are being made and shipped from? Shipping globally can have a detrimental effect on the environment. On top of easing environmental strain, buying local products also boosts the local economy by circulating the money through the community and providing more jobs to Australians. That is why it is so important to always shop local first, no matter the product. 

At Zen Home we offer a wide range of unique Australian made homewares and gifts. Specializing in curating thoughtfully created collections, we love to partner with local companies. One of our favorites of all our offerings is our collection of Australian made candles. We have partnered with some of the best candle makers in Australia, so that you do not have to spend your time searching for locally made candles – we did the work for you! Help the environment all while helping your home smell better too. 

Here are some of the Australian made candle companies we are proud to offer online and in Zen Home shops:

Glasshouse Fragrances

This Australian made candle company is fit for those who are bold and unafraid of making a statement. Crafted with unexpected scent profiles, your nose will be pleasantly surprised with Glasshouse’s candle offerings. On top of the gorgeous sniffs, this local company vows to never test on animals and all of their products are free of harmful chemicals like parabens and PEGS. Boasting up to 100 hours of burn time, these Australian made candles are a great option. Check them out in Zen Home stores and online. 


(Could not find a Glasshouse candle on the Zen Home site?)


Peppermint Grove Australia

Sophisticated and timeless are the words that come to mind (and nose) when one thinks of Peppermint Grove Australia. This candle company crafts scented candles that immediately invoke images of grand gardens and fields of whimsical wildflowers. For anyone who leans towards floral scents, these Australian made candles are an excellent addition to any space that needs some refreshing. The candles rest in custom-designed glass making them just as appealing to the eyes, as they are to the nose. 


Here are some of the candles we are especially loving right now from Peppermint Grove:

Crushed Salt and Cedarwood for the ocean lover. 

Persimmon and Lily for the vibrant soul who loves a fruity scent profile. 

Wild Jasmine and Mint for the flower loving romantic. 

Patchouli and Bergamot for the free spirited folks.