Australian Made Gifts

y purchasing Australian Made Gifts you are not only supporting local business you are also helping to support local employees, and families. Taking into consideration the effect Covid-19 on Australian Business, the need for locals to Buy Australian Made Gifts is more needed than ever.

The popularity of online shopping has increased the demand for cheaper products and pressure on manufacturers to cut corners in terms of manufacturing quality, and ethical standards, particularly in terms of employee rights. In developing nations and high manufacturing countries with little regard for employee rights, child labour is prevalent and fast fashion and cheap purchase decisions only incentivise manufacturers to continue unethical standards.

By purchasing Australian Made Gifts you are supporting a local workforce, local manufacturing and helping support better environmental decisions. There is also a higher perceived value in Australian Made Gifts and Australian Made Gifts are generally more well-received and valued than their internationally made counterparts. 

Buying Australian Made Gifts has many other benefits too:

  • Environmental Benefits
    Buying Australian Made Gifts means your Australian Made Gift is made locally, equating to less pressure on the environment by cutting out international travel.

  • Made Within Local Laws
    A huge incentive to shop local and buy Australian Made Gifts is that your gift has been made under Australian laws, meaning employees are paid a minimum wage and any taxes paid go directly into improving Australia.

  • Quality
    Australian Made Gifts are generally made using higher quality components and are made using local skills.

  • Faster Delivery
    If you’re looking to Buy Australian Made Gifts you are cutting out international travel, meaning you will receive your Australian Made Gift within national delivery time-frames.

At Zen Home we stock a range of Australian Made Gifts, here are a few of our favourites: 


One of the Best Australian Made Gifts! GlassHouse fragrances are a stunning collection of candles, diffuses, lotions and body bars. Since its launch Glasshouse Fragrances has rapidly grown to become a leading Australian Owned fragrance brand. 


Not only are Tilley products certified organic, they are also Australian Made and Australian Owned; meaning Tilley are the perfect option if you’re after Australian Made Gifts. 

Peppermint Grove 

Peppermint Grove offers an expansive range of home fragrance and bath & body care that make for the Best Australian Made Gift. The luxe bath and body care range is handmade in the Southern Highlands, right here in Australia. 

Buy Ecoya Candles 

Ecoya candles are a popular Australian Made Gift. Lovingly hand-crafted in Australia and sold world-wide Ecoya candles are soy-based and luxuriously scented. Aside from being a popular Australian Made Gift, Ecoya candles burn longer and cleaner than paraffin candles and does not contain any toxic chemicals that paraffin candles are known to harbour.