Australian Made Diffusers

Diffusers bring a sense of peace into your home and can make it feel like a retreat as they gently diffuse essential oils and fragrances into the air. Aside from making your home smell nicer, they are also beneficial for relaxation.

Not all diffusers are created equal and poor quality diffusers can potentially be harmful for your health depending on what ingredients and chemicals are used in the fragrance component of the diffuser. At Zen Home, we are passionate about sourcing quality Australian Made Diffusers, that are crafted locally and made from the finest ingredients.

By purchasing Australian Made Diffusers, you are helping support local business, employees and families. From beautiful scents that are inspired by the ocean, to sensual fragrances for the bedroom, we have Australian Made Diffusers to suit every taste.

There are various types of Australian Made Diffusers and four main Australian Made Diffusers on the market. At Zen Home we stock the most popular types of diffusers that are best suited to most spaces and preferences.

Buy The Best Gift Online
Australian Made Diffusers make the Best Australian Made Gifts, they also make a beautiful addition to your home and lifestyle. At Zen Home we stock a variety of Australian Made Diffusers from premium brands like Moss St, Tilley, GlassHouse and Ecoya. 

Ecoya Diffusers
Ecoya is an Australian Made brand that crafts beautiful Australian Made Diffusers that are perfect for the home or office. Ecoya Diffusers come in a variety of beautiful fragrances that offer calming and uplifting effects.  

Tilley Diffusers
Tilley is a renowned Australian Made brand that crafts a divine range of Australian Made Diffusers that are made from premium local ingredients. Tilley Diffusers make the Best Australian Made Gift and are available online, or in-store. 

GlassHouse Diffusers
GlassHouse Diffusers are Australian Made Diffusers and are presented in beautiful sophisticated packaging, making them perfect as a gift, or for your home. 

Moss St Diffusers
If you’re after Australian Made Diffusers that look aesthetically pleasing and are deliciously fragrances, Moss St Diffusers are for you! Affordable Australian Made Diffusers in a range of exciting fragrances.

Whether you are after an Australian Made Gift, or an Australian Made Diffuser to add to your collection, view our range online, or in-store.

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