The Ultimate Guide for Choosing A Perfect Gift

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Gift Shop in Thornbury

Gifts and presents are common on special occasions like birthdays, couples’ dates, weddings, or even baby showers. And if you’re looking for the best gift shop in Thornbury, Zen Home Gifts fits that bill. The Gift and Homeware stalwart is an iconic gift shop in Melbourne. That’s partly because they have the best-accessorized gift categories in the industry.

Besides, you also have the choice of shopping from online gift shops abroad. You’ll still get your order delivered to your doorstep. However, beware of possible antagonizing wait-times.

We know that choosing the best gift shop in Thornbury can be an uphill task. It’s even twice harder if you’re buying presents for the first time. To save you the trouble, this guide discusses six vital factors you should consider before you pick a gift shop. Notice how Zen Home Gifts is an exact match to these factors.

Assorted Gifts

All gift shops are not created equal. While not all shops sell the same items, a reliable gift shop should endeavour to stock an assortment of gifts. It’s the only way a gift shop can cater to dynamic clients’ needs.
Visit this online gift and homeware brand and discover a whole selection of gifts to purchase for your loved ones. Explore categories such as:

Gift Journals
Gift Sets
Gift Verses
Wedding Gifts
Gift Bags
Gift Magnets
Gift Hampers

Whether a graduation party, couples’ dinner, baby showers, housewarming, birthday, or wedding, we have something for everyone.


Location is very important when selecting a gift shop. Choosing a shop within your commute or locality offers the convenience of short travels. Also, the choice of public transportation could save you the cost of driving yourself to the shop’s location.

Forget the hassle of finding a gift shop in Thornbury. Come to our store at Pentridge Shopping Centre in Coburg. We treasure our retail customers. That’s why Zen Home Gifts is in the precinct of public transport. To be precise, we’re less than 10kms from Melbourne’s CBD. You’ll also find ample parking space at our Pentridge Shopping Centre store.

Convenient Payments

Payment options can make or break a deal at the gift shop. You need to buy from someone who allows you multiple payment options. Observing social distance and contactless transactions while shopping is vital.
Zen Home Gifts’ EFTPOS contactless payment keeps it ahead of the competition. Pay for products using Afterpay, credit cards, or debit cards. You will never have to worry about catching the coronavirus disease.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Buying or sending a gift doesn’t mean spending a fortune. A good gift shop should have presents that most customers can afford. And if you want to splurge, they should also have a luxury selection.
Zen Home promises you the most competitive prices across all gift categories. Spoil yourself with as little as under $20. We’re happy when our customers get unique items without breaking the bank.

Flexible Shopping Process

Staying in has become the new going out. So, you don’t need a special occasion to gift someone. Get someone a “pick me up” in the troubling quarantine and social distance times and boost their serotonin.
Zen Home Gifts simplifies everything with a seamless online shopping process. Browse our online catalogue for gift ideas and observe minimum movement during the lockdown. Order your favourite gifts today at one of the top online gift shops in Thornbury for same-day deliveries across Melbourne.


Authentic Australian-Made Selection

We all have different preferences when it comes to gift choices. Buying Australian products, however, supports the local economy. And nothing has taught us that lesson better than the coronavirus shutdowns.
Looking for a perfect way to refresh your home during lockdown or quarantine? Zen Home offers you a gateway to revitalise your home with homewares and gifts. With plenty of local talent, our business focuses on Australian-made gifts from brands like Tilley, Glass House, Ecoya, and Peppermint Grove. From candles, perfumes, soaps, homewares, and diffusers, buying Zen Home is buying Australian.

There you have it. Six crucial factors that determine an excellent gift shop in Thornbury. Before we wrap up this post, let’s quickly discuss how to pick the right gift for someone.

5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Gifts

Choosing the right gift is a no-brainer even for an expert shopper. You have to consider several factors when getting a present for someone. From personal preference to a limited budget, everything needs careful consideration.
Ask these 5 questions if you want little no room for errors while picking a gift for someone:

What do they love?

Knowing what the person likes or loves will ensure you focus on them and not you. It never hurts to ask the person if they’re not close enough to you to know the answer to this question.

What do they need?

Sometimes getting the most expensive gift may not be as good as getting the gift someone needs. For example, you may want to reconsider getting more toys for a family with kids. Chances are they’re already overwhelmed with those. Going with a shopping voucher or a book would make a better match.

What do they dislike?

Getting to rule out things the person doesn’t like is just as important as knowing what they like. Whether they hate neutral colours or they dislike technology, accurate information means no mistakes.

What’s their style?

No matter how simple, everyone has a style. What often crops up when you see this person? Take more ideas from their outfit or home if possible.
Do they have any allergies, health issues or phobias?
Consider any issues the person might have with the product you want to buy. For instance, fresh blooms are a great gift idea unless the person suffers from hay fever. Also, it may not be ideal to get wine for someone who doesn’t drink. Be sure to scrutinize the gift and make sure they’ll use and enjoy the whole of it.


The Wrap Up

Finding the best gift shop in Thornbury is no easy feat. However, the process doesn’t have to be that complicated with our detailed guide. In the meantime, feel free to browse our online catalogue and order your gifts. Also, feel free to leave a reply using the contact form below.