Hampton’s Home Style – A Guide

Hampton’s home style brings a coastal feel combined with luxury. There are many ways you can bring Hampton’s style to your home, even on a budget with a few tips and tricks. When thinking of the Hampton’s you probably think of white washed furniture and walls, light and airy rooms and a soft palette of blues and greens.

Hampton’s style is inspired by luxury holiday homes that fringe seaside estates along the eastern beaches of upstate Long Island, a coastal community that neighbours New York. The style is now hugely popular worldwide, and when done well it not only adds ambience to your space, it can also add monetary value to your home.


Rugs are an important part of styling any space. When cultivating a Hampton’s theme in your home, rugs play an important role. Layering various rugs with differing textures adds to the overall theme you are trying to achieve. When opting for a Hampton’s feel source neutral tones and simple textures. For added impression you can layer rugs and spaces with additional textures like jute, wool, cotton and washed out blues.


Cushions are essential to your Hampton’s theme, they not only add comfort, they also add dimension when you use cushions with piped edging, tassels and varying textures. Pile cushions on couches and beds for added luxury, and add cushions to any seating benches. Cushions give you an opportunity to further cement the luxury Hampton’s theme by using accents that are specific to your colour palette.

Light & Airy

When you research Hampton’s Home Inspiration you generally see light and airy spacious areas with copious amounts of white. If your space is naturally dim, add additional bright lighting and opt for white walls and curtains to help transform the space, giving it a lighter feel that is inline with Hampton’s style.


Hamptons style furniture generally comes at a high cost. If purchasing high-end Hampton’s furniture isn’t suitable to your budget you can DIY and refurbish second-hand pieces. Many people achieve a Hampton’s look by successfully refurbishing furniture, not only are you saving money, you are also giving furniture a new lease on life that might have otherwise ended up in landfill. 

White Timber

White timber is an integral part of Hamptons styling, from wardrobes, to buffets, bedside tables, hallway tables and even kitchen cabinetry. For added luxury, replace furniture knobs and door handles with gold inspired knobs.

Colour Palette

Hampton’s colour palette is simple, yet effective and encompasses soft whites, neutrals and accents of soft blues and greens. Often washed and faded whites and blues add to the coastal feel. Selecting the right white tone and complimenting accent colours can be difficult, this is why it’s essential you use samples and take your time making the right decision.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants and soft pastel florals add ambience and health benefits to your home. They are also essential when achieving a Hampton’s theme. However, keeping plants thriving year round and purchasing flowers often can be time-consuming and expensive. Faux flowers are generally quite realistic and require no on-going maintenance. You can still position your faux plants and flowers in Hampton’s style vases and pots.


A Hampton’s style home requires accessories to finalise the overarching theme. Diffusers, throws, cushions and wall art are popular choices along with coasters, coffee table books and frames. Position your accessories carefully to ensure your space doesn’t become cluttered. Every Hampton’s accessory should add value to your space and compliment your theme.