Buy Gifts in Melbourne [Perfect Gift Guide]

We all know how it feels trying to find the perfect gift, especially for that person that seemingly ‘has everything’ or ‘doesn’t want anything. Sometimes it’s easy to pick a gift for someone when it’s clear they need a particular item or interested in a particular hobby or interest. Other times it’s more difficult shopping for gifts, and you need to think outside of the box or get creative.

Giving gifts is not only a tradition; it is also the perfect way to show appreciation, congratulations or romance. There are many events where you may feel obliged to give a gift, or if you’re generous at heart, you may want to give a gift to ‘say thank you, or ‘just because.

Housewarming Gift

Moving into a new place is exciting but can also be overwhelming and stressful. Purchasing a housewarming gift in Melbourne for someone is not only a thoughtful gesture; it also helps add more aesthetics to the new space and helps build the atmosphere. Also, if the person you’re buying the gift for is sentimental, it may help to remind them of the moment they moved into their new place.

Some people opt for food and beverage as a housewarming gift. However, the most preferred gift is generally bespoke homeware pieces. For example, last year, my friend bought me a gorgeous throw blanket and a table centrepiece of faux but very real looking succulents. Although they may not have been gifts I would have chosen myself, I loved them! They added a much-needed atmosphere to my minimalistic space and also reminded me of our enduring friendship.

If you’re still stuck on finding a housewarming gift, here are some of our most popular housewarming gifts:



Baby Shower Gift

Baby shower gifts not only help the new parent(s) acquire much needed (and costly) supplies in preparation for their little one, they are also sentimental and a great way to show your love and welcome the little one into the world. There are many options for baby shower gifts from nappies, toiletry supplies and even birthing books. However, most new parents find they only prefer particular nappy and toiletry brands; giving these items as gifts can be pointless in some cases.

We have found the most popular baby shower gifts are nursery items, including decor, or an extra special gift just for the mother like a luxe throw blanket, pamper packs or a new cushion (which also help when nursing). 

Here are some of our most popular baby shower gifts:

Birthday Gift

The majority of people feel somewhat overwhelmed when finding a birthday gift for a loved one or work colleague. You want to ensure your gift doesn’t get regifted, or worse end up in a landfill; some people are just naturally hard to shop for. When it comes to finding the perfect birthday gift, you can’t go wrong with homewares, pamper packs, scented candles or kitchenware, all of which seem to be well received no matter the recipient. 

Here are some of our most popular birthday gifts:

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Engagement Gift

Buying a thoughtful gift can be a sweet gesture to celebrate a couple’s engagement. Often there is no registry, meaning you need to do the work to find the perfect gift. Some people opt for a joint gift, while others opt for two separate gifts; this decision comes down to personal preference.

Homeware and kitchenware make the perfect gifts as the new couple prepares for a life together and potentially a new baby down the track.

Here are some of our most popular engagement gifts:


Romantic Gift

You don’t need to wait for special occasions to show someone you love them. Keep the romance alive by surprising someone you love with a thoughtful, romantic gift. We understand though, that sometimes finding the perfect gift can be time-consuming, which is why we have collated some of our most popular romantic gifts: