Home Interior Design Tips

Whether you are renting or owning your house; your home should be a sanctuary that reflects your style and is somewhere you can retreat to and recharge. 

Creating your own space can be a fun adventure, and it’s a true statement that no one understands you, or your style, quite like yourself. Interior designers come at a cost, and hiring someone to interior design your home for you can take the joy out of the planning and project stage of home interior design. Some have great intentions when it comes to home interior design; however, not everyone feels confident in their home interior design abilities. 

We have cultivated some of our best home interior design tips for you: 

Home interior design inspiration:

The first step to cultivating a home you desire is to find inspiration. Pinterest and Instagram are great ways to start sourcing inspiration for your home interior design project. Creating individual home interior design inspiration boards on Pinterest is a great way to accumulate and refine ideas and mood boards. 

When creating mood boards, it’s essential to categorise your home interior design board into individual sections, e.g. homewares, living room, bathroom, bedroom etc. This way, you will start creating the flow of your home, and the atmosphere of each space separately. 

Another way to garner inspiration is through home interior design and living magazines. Find, categorise and collect home interior design inspiration images that resonate with your style. You can further research the products, style and pictures that appeal to you online and even source the products featured in the magazines to ensure you are achieving your desired style. 

Use a colour scheme:

When it comes to home interior design, adhering to a colour scheme helps ensure the space you are creating is aesthetically pleasing and aligns with your home interior design goals. 

If you own your home, an instant way to lift a room and create a colour scheme is to repaint the walls or create a feature wall for less effort. If you’re renting or repainting isn’t on the cards, another way to generate a colour scheme is to ensure the homewares you are using for your home interior design project complement each other. 


Scent is intimately associated with our memories and emotions. You can use fragrances to energise a space or help promote relaxation. To reach your home interior design potential, you should indulge as many of your senses as possible. It’s imperative to select fragrances that suit your space and the emotions you are trying to evoke in your home interior design. At Zen Home, we have a range of premium fragrances in stunning candles and diffusers that will help you achieve the ambience you desire.   

Homewares – bowls, ornaments, pots and baskets

Complimenting your home with select homewares will further enhance your space and the overall theme of your home interior design that you’re aiming to achieve. An easy way to further cement your home interior design theme is by using baskets, unique pots, vases, ornaments and bowls. Carefully positioning these bespoke items throughout your home will tie your home interior design together and help create a flow of the entire space. What pieces you select will depend on the style you’re trying to achieve. It’s also essential when choosing homewares to keep your colour theme in mind. For example, if you’re after a beach theme, using homewares that reflect a Hamptons feel will help achieve a coastal vibe, if you are after a more rustic approach, using woven baskets, rattan and Macrame pieces will help cultivate a more boho style. Or if you’re after something more sophisticated, opting for minimalistic items will help achieve a more modern feel. 

The tips above will help you navigate you on the journey of your home interior design. Remember to continually develop your mood boards until you have an overarching theme you’re satisfied with, then sourcing the pieces that will tie the theme together and help you achieve the home interior design experience you envision. It’s important not to get overwhelmed by the process. Your home interior design project is something you should enjoy and have fun with. You can develop your home interior design over time and continually build on your theme.