Best Candles For Your Home Interior Design

Candles are the perfect way to enhance the ambience in your home. Whether you are after a relaxing scent for the bathroom, an alluring fragrance for the bedroom, or something energising for the living room, candles can help cultivate an indulgent experience for your senses. Aside from the fragrance, candles can offer a feeling of calm when lit, with the soft glow of the flame. 

When finding the best candles for your home, it’s essential to consider many factors, including the area size, the fragrances you prefer, and the atmosphere you are trying to evoke. 

Types of Candles:

Fragranced candles can be made from various kinds of wax including; natural soy wax, beeswax and paraffin. Soy and beeswax candles are increasing in popularity due to their non-toxic benefits. Aside from wax types, candles can also be made with either artificial fragrances or essential oils; sometimes, both are used. Candles are also available in many different sizes and designs. Considering the space, you want to use the candle for, will help determine the best candles for your home interior design. 

Selecting The Right Candle Fragrances:

There are countless candle fragrance combinations, and trying to select the right scent can feel overwhelming. It’s important to consider your personal preferences. Take your time in choosing the right candle and evaluate the mood you are trying to achieve for the area. Keep aside the candles that appeal to you most, smell them again and refine your choice until you have selected your perfect candle. 

Purchasing candles online can be an exciting experience as you take away the smell factor and decide based purely on visual and written cues. If you are trying to find the best candles for your home online, it’s essential to read the product description and consider what fragrance combinations are in the candle; this will help guide you into finding the best candles for your home. If you are unsure what certain fragrances smell like, or what aromas are best suited to the ambience you want to create, you can also do a quick Google search to get an idea on which scents will suit you best.  

Entrance candles: The entrance of your home is the first impression for your guests. It’s important to consider your home interior design’s overarching theme and your taste. Finding the best candle for your home that compliments your decor and personal style is essential when selecting a candle for your entrance. 

Living Room: The living room is generally somewhere you want to relax and unwind after a long day; it’s also a place where you can enjoy creating memories with family and friends. You may want to opt for either an energising or a calming fragrance candle. Ideally, you want to find a candle that suits both your desired fragrance and style by choosing a candle that not only smells amazing but looks fantastic too. 

Bathroom: Whilst you want your bathroom to look and smell clean and fresh, you also want a fragranced candle that is soothing and relaxing for those moments when you want to dim the lights and have a relaxing hot bath or shower. If you have a smaller bathroom, find a candle that compliments your decor and the space, similarly, if you have a larger area to work with, you can opt for a trendy oversized candle. 

Bedroom: Create a relaxing and alluring space that will evoke the senses with a subtle fragranced candle that contains hints of musk. It’s essential when selecting a candle for the bedroom that you consider avoiding artificial fragrances and instead opt for natural soy candles and essential oil candles with a longer burn time.