Peony Zen Package


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Package inclusions:

1x Huxter Fern Leaf Peony Room & Linen Spray

1x Huxter Fern Leaf Peony Hand Cream 100ml

1x Huxter Fern Leaf Peony Bath Soap with essential olis 120gm


Create a tranquil environment with this Fern Leaf Peony scent throughout your home and living space and even spray it on your linen to enhance the calmness and feeling of relaxation in your home.

The peony soap and hand cream will give you a sense of personal indulgence as you enjoy deeply nourishing your hands in shea butter and almond oil after a peaceful soak in the bath with this beautiful and restorative essential oil infused soap.

A great gift for someone to create more zen in their living space and treat themselves to some personal relaxation indulgence at the same time!